CIDI Short Courses 2012

CIDI Chanapatana now offers 11 short courses in design during June and August 2012.

1) Basic Drawing
2) Perspective Drawing
3) Basic Mourage (Pattern on Mannequin)
4) Advanced Mourage  
5) Draping
6) Figure Drawing
7) Concept and Inspiration
8) Business for start up
9) Professional Presentation Technique for Designers
10) Mind Mapping for Designers
11) Industrial Pattern and Sewing Techniques for Women Jackets

Please click here to see course detail, schedules and tution fee of each course. 

For more information please contact 02 741 3717 to 8 or email


  • 01/09/2007
    Light me up

  • 01/09/2009

    The Tourist center was designed and inspired by “Lai Thai” shapes, forms and color (yellow, red, black) aiming to attract young tourists as well ...

  • 01/09/2009

    Tableware inspired by shape of the river that have abundant bowed. Perceived free by free-form shape.  

  • 01/09/2009

    Unzipped the soft flow of colorful butterflies that float through the darkness.