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CIDI's executive welcomed BOI's executives on their visit for studying CIDI Chanapatana as one of leading players in Thai creative industries.

CIDI's President interviewed in Bangkok Biz New on 20 August 2013 on promoting Thailand for being a design hub

บทสัมภาษณ์ ปืน เกษตร น้อยพิทักษ์ Vice President for academic and general relations development ใน a Day BULLETIN issue 261


  • 01/09/2007
    Light me up

  • 01/09/2009

    Unzipped the soft flow of colorful butterflies that float through the darkness.

  • 01/09/2009

    The Tourist center was designed and inspired by “Lai Thai” shapes, forms and color (yellow, red, black) aiming to attract young tourists as well ...

  • 01/09/2009

    Tableware inspired by shape of the river that have abundant bowed. Perceived free by free-form shape.